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Ibaraki Surf Spots

32 Selections of Surfing Spots in Ibaraki

Ibaraki Surf Spots

Introducing all the surf spots in Ibaraki. Find your own favorite surfing spot on a surf trip to Ibaraki.

The waves in Ibaraki are known for their wide variety of areas such as the Ajigaura area, which is sensitive to northern swells, the powerful break Oarai, the easy break Onuki, and Hasaki, such as reefs, rivermouths, and beaches.

In the sea of Ibaraki,One of Japan’s most powerful breaks, beautiful sea and delicious seasonal ingredients. you can enjoy the constantly breaking waves and surfing avoiding congestion compared to Chiba despite being close to central Tokyo.

Can surf around Futatsushima, a scenic spot on the Isohara coast.

A beach with a nice atmosphere near Takahagi station.

A beach on the south side of the Hananuki River. The main spot is suitable for beginners.

A beach with beautiful sand and clean water that has been selected as one of the 100 best beaches in Japan.

A local point where high-quality waves hit and break on the outer reef.

It is vulnerable to the wind and is in a choppy condition from the southeast. There is no problem because strong offshore is blocked by the structure.

A beach that is easily accessible from Hitachi Station. There are also some rocks.

The main break in the surrounding area. It is a popular surf spot with abundant facilities.

A compact beach with good water quality that has been selected as a good beaches in Japan.

Advanced surfer only. Typhoon surf spot.

Located on the north side of the Ajigaura spot, along the Hitachi Seaside Park.

It used to be a famous surf spot with a long history.

The A frame wave that is created when the left side of the embankment and the front swell collide with each other when the size of the wave increases is especially famous.

The most popular beach in Ibaraki. Waves for beginners.

A large breakwater on the left side of the beach reduces northerly winds to some extent.

The point of Massy wave with many local surfers.

A beach break spot located near the Hiyamizu headland of NO31.

Depending on the sand bar, can surf to avoid congestion.

Can surf on the eastern coast of Kashima Nada Seaside Park and Atago Shrine.

A popular spot in the area. A beach break where you can expect good waves with constant waves all year round.

A beach where you can enjoy good waves while avoiding congestion

A sand bar is formed around the T bar, making it possible to surf.

Good waves constantly break from Shimizu to Akashi coast.

A beach that is popular for its shallow and clear seawater. Usually mellow waves.

A spot that locals also like, and although there are few surfers, the quality of the waves is high.

The most popular surf spot around Kashima that is open to visitors.

A bay-shaped surf spot along the breakwater suitable for surfing.

The surf spot is in front of Unit 1, which is lined with more than 10 wind power generators.

It’s a weak spot against the wind, so let’s enter the sea in offshore conditions.

Good waves around the breakwater that moved north from Hasaki Beach

Form long shoulders on good wave condition.

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