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Kanagawa Shonan Surf Spots

50 Selections of Kanagawa Shonan Surf Spots

Kanagawa Surf Spots
Kanagawa Shonan Surf Spots

A unique atmosphere with roots in surf culture unique to Kanagawa. From the beach areas of Shonan and Seisho to Kamakura Leaf Classic surf spots, the surfing environment that you can enjoy all year round is attractive. These areas show Japan’s leading high quality and beautiful wave breaks.

The characteristics of Kanagawa’s surfing are the reef classical area around Zushi, Kamakura, which shows its true value in grand swells such as typhoons, and the surf spots in the direction of Fujisawa and Chigasaki, which have many small wave sizes but constantly break, and the surf spots being classified in the direction of Seisho.The Shonan area is characterized by strong swells from the open sea, thanks to the terrain sandwiched between the Boso(Chiba) Peninsula, Miura Peninsula, and Izu Peninsula. If you turn it over, the rough and strong swells will come together and the probability of becoming a good wave will increase. However, the speed at which the waves settle down is fast, so need to make a surf plan after fully considering the direction of the tide and swell.

The water temperature is relatively high, so surfing in the middle of winter is also recommended. There are few surfers and it may be possible to surf in the westerly wind of high west and east low pressure.

Can enjoy it in a reasonable size when the surf spots in the Chiba and Shonan areas are fully closed.

When locals gather when a typhoon approaches, there is little chance for visitors to catch the waves.

The northeasterly wind is better and need a strong south swell to surf.

The waves don’t usually hit, but the regular waves are superb when there is a strong swell.

Features a hollow wave from the inside due to the reef break.

When all the surf spots in the Kamakura area were closed due to the typhoon, the waves started to break.

BIG wave spot located on the breakwater on the east side of Zushi Marina. It becomes a regular tube wave due to the typhoon swell.

A famous classical big wave point in the Zushi area.

Located at the eastern end of Zaimokuza, it is a surf spot for advanced surfers with a boulder bottom.

Popular with longboarders for its easy sand bar.

It’s a bay beach and usually small waves make it perfect for beginners to practice.

A classical big wave surf spot famous for the Inamuragasaki classic, which is held only when there is an extremely strong swell.

If the wave condition is small, the wave quality is relatively mellow, which is peculiar to point break.

Straight swells tend to be wide, and mellow goofy is for longboards.

A surf point with mellow waves and a focus on Goofy breaks.

There are many wide waves in the overhead size, but there are also waves that beginners can enjoy in the middle size.

The chest-shoulder-sized southwestern swell is the best. Suitable for long borders if it is a small size.

Regular waves begin to break due to typhoon swells, and depending on the terrain and tide, tube waves may show.

The facilities and access are good, and the waves are small but relatively constant.The best spot for beginners to practice.

When a typhoon swell or a strong southwesterly swell arrives, a regular break breaks along the harbor breakwater.

When a typhoon swells, local longboarders gather. Goofy break is good.

It is often one size smaller than Kugenuma because it reduces swells due to the influence of Enoshima.

A spot where the terrain changes little and the waves break constantly.

A famous surf spot that represents Shonan. A beach break for shallow beginners and is crowded with many surfers all year round.

Depending on the sand bar, will expect a A frame wave peculiar to the topography of the rivermouth.

It is often possible to surf in small conditions all year round.

A beach break that is more powerful than Kugenuma.

If the southwestern swell hits and the terrain hardens, can expect good waves with shoulders.

There are also more hollow waves than Kugenuma area, so can enjoy the short board even more.

A spot that represents Shonan. The larger the size, the more powerful hollow waves.

The seabed is a little deep and features a powerful break.

Many powerful and hollow waves, although changes can be seen depending on the terrain.

A spot with a little deep terrain and a lot of inside wave breaks.

Can expect a reasonable size and enjoy the mellow waves.

Due to the influence of Eboshiiwa Rock, it is often one size smaller than the surrounding area.

It is worth checking when the sea level becomes junk due to the wind from the west to the southwest.

There are many shore break waves near the inside.

If a sand bar is formed, waves that can be used for long rides will appear in both regular and goofy.

A valuable spot where strong westerly winds can be reduced by the fishing port breakwater.

If a sand bar is formed, waves that can be used for long rides will appear in both regular and goofy.

Compact regular waves that break along the breakwater are popular locally.

The terrain is relatively stable and the waves are constantly breaking.

It is possible to catch the precious swell from the east that cannot be caught in the Shonan area.

Features waves that can be dug from the middle to the inside.

A spot where the waves don’t usually hit. There are few surfers and it is a little-known point.

Popularly for local because it is often compact and beautiful waves are broken.

Often vacant and can be surfed inside.

A classic spot that represents Shonan. Waves can be expected at all times and the facilities are fully equipped. Strong against westerly winds.

It is often one size smaller than the Oiso main area and is suitable for beginners.

It is sensitive to the movement of the tide and the conditions are liable to change, and the wave quality is generally damper.

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