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Fukui, Ishikawa, Toyama(Hokuriku Region) Surf Spots

42 Selections of Surfing spots of Hokuriku Region

Japan Sea Hokuriku Surf Spots

A surf spot in Hokuriku (Fukui, Ishikawa, Toyama). Find your own favorite surfing spot on a surf trip to Fukui, Ishikawa and Toyama.
Fukui is roughly divided into Takahama and Mikuni areas, and there are many points where you can surf while avoiding strong north swells and winds due to the complicated coastline terrain. It is relatively easy to access from the Kansai area and is crowded with many surfers, especially in winter. Ishikawa is vulnerable to wind because it has a flat coastline such as Chirihama, but if the direction of the swell and offshore match, it will be a good wave. In Toyama, the west swell is blocked by the Noto Peninsula, so it is difficult to hit the waves, but you can enjoy surfing without being crowded.
There are many beautiful seas on the Sea of Japan side of Hokuriku, and there are many various waves. Let’s plan the Hokuriku surf trip from the beginning of autumn to the winter, with the pressure distribution of high west and low east in autumn and winter.

Fukui Surf Spot福井サーフィン

The Takahama and Tsuruga areas in western Fukui prefecture are easily accessible, so many surfers from the Kansai region visit the area in winter.
All surf spots are sensitive to northwest swells, and once the waves rise, the waves often remain for a while, making it a popular area around here. Since the direction of the coastline has changed moderately, it is easy to select a location according to the wind direction.
The northern Mikuni area has the same rising conditions as Ishikawa Prefecture, and the Mikuni surf spot, which represents northern Fukui, is a tolerant point for beginners to accept.

Sensitive to northeastern swells. There are many good waves in the eastern waves.

Sand is attached between the tetrapods, making it possible to surf.

Due to the location facing north, the wave response is poor when the swell tilts to the west.

The main surf spot in the Takahama area, which is sensitive to swells.

Islands block the moderately strong northwestern swell.

If the west swell hits, follow and make a powerful break.

Since it is located in Tsuruga Bay, it is difficult to catch swells.

It reduces the strong northwestern swell due to the influence of the peninsula and the tetrapod.

A valuable point where you can avoid various strong winds from the mortar-shaped bay.

There are relatively many weak waves, but sometimes long rides are possible.

It is popular for beach breaks that beginners can enjoy.

The bottom terrain is deep and the sand is rough, so it is difficult to break unless the wave size is certain.

Visitors want to surf while communicating with the locals and considering the surrounding area.

A valuable point where the south wind is offshore.

Ishikawa Surf SpotIshikawa Surfing

The basic surfing is the winter-type pressure distribution, which is a typical pattern of autumn and winter when the waves rise in the Sea of Japan.
Even if the northwest wind is strong and the Kanazawa beach area is closed, it may be possible to surf due to the intricate reef area of the Noto Peninsula. Since it catches southwestern swells on the west coast of the Noto Peninsula, it may be possible to surf even if the thermal window blows from spring to summer.
Surfing in Ishikawa is a valuable area on the Sea of Japan side where you can surf all year round.

Tetrapod suppresses too strong swell.

The cliff side is easy to withstand the northerly wind, but be careful of the current because there are rocky areas.

A beautiful beach with good access from the parking lot.

A popular point with relatively easy wave quality.

A beach point with good access and facilities from the highway.

A popular beach point near the city. There are also many tourists.

An area protected by the high revetment Tetra.

A local point where you can expect waves that form a long wall.

Note that there is a strong tide near the Tetrapod.

Depending on the sand bar, you can enjoy empty surfing.

Because of the large beach, there are many wind surfers and kite surfers near the beach.

It has a flat terrain and is vulnerable to wind.

It’s a spot that is vulnerable to the wind, so let’s aim for the eastern offshore.

You can choose an area where you can surf by avoiding the wind depending on the wind direction.

A beach area where points can be selected according to the wind direction.

A very beautiful beach of white sand and blue pine with a length of 4 km, which is famous for small shells.

You can expect a powerful break.

You can enjoy a point break with little terrain fluctuation at the mixed bottom.

Toyama Surf SpotToyama Surfing

Toyama Bay where the waves are hard to rise. The westward swell is blocked by the Noto Peninsula, so the swell is relatively organized and easy to enter Toyama Bay.
Although it is not sensitive to swells, there are many good surf spots with a wide variety of sand, reefs, estuaries, and Toyama is a little-known area with few surfers. The surf scene is mainly in winter, but if you can take measures against the cold such as water temperature, it will be a good surf trip for sightseeing.
However, there are many waves that the locals are waiting for, so visitors should act with local priority in mind.

Since the current is also strong, it is recommended for intermediate surfers and above if there is a size.

A major point in western Toyama. The waves are easy to get together.

If the northeastern swell enters directly, it will be a point break.

Local point. It is famous for being able to ride long once the terrain is decided.

A major point around Toyama with a large parking lot and toilet.

Tetra is thrown into the sea, so be careful with surfboards.

The Joganji estuary point that becomes a good wave depending on the accumulation of sand.

An estuary point located in front of Kaiyou High School.

Located along Uozu Port Shinkiro Road, there are some narrow but surfing spots.

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