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Welcome to Japan's largest surf spot information database, Japan's surf spot 888!
Japan is an island country suitable for surfing surrounded by the sea on all sides. While it is said that there are thousands of surf spots in Japan, including unknown spots, the number of surf spots recorded on this site is over 800!

This site is a dedicated surf spot site that introduces beaches and coasts suitable for surfing with easy-to-understand explanations along with maps.
We have opened it not only for beginners to find an area to practice, but also for intermediate and veteran surfers to easily discover new surf spots and use them for weekend surf trips. We also send information to foreigners who come to Japan for surfing and sightseeing.

Surfing in Japan 888

Eastern Japan Surfing Spots

Hokkaido Surf Spots

Hokkaido / Pacific Ocean / Japan Sea

Hokkaido surf scene with empty surf as the keyword. You can enjoy surfing while avoiding congestion. Also There are countless secret surf spots that haven't been discovered yet.

Aomori Surf Spots

Aomori / Pacific Ocean

The Shimokita Peninsula area, which shows a powerful break all year round, is the center of the Aomori surf scene.

Akiita Surf Spots

Akiita / Japan Sea

Sensitively catches a wide range of swells, especially in the fall and winter seasons. You can surf at famous surf spots such as Yurihonjo.

Iwate Surf Spots

Iwate / Pacific Ocean

One of the best area for surf trips where the rias coast shows various wave expressions throughout the year.

Yamagata Surf Spots

Yamagata / Japan Sea

The surfing culture centered around Yunohama is very old since the Edo period. You can enjoy the beautiful coastline on a surf trip.

Miyagi Surf Spots

Miyagi / Pacific Ocean

The terrain suitable for surfing continues from north to south. It is an area where you can enjoy various waves such as reefs and beaches all year round, and the level of surfers is very high.

Fukushima Surf Spots

Fukushima / Pacific Ocean

The sea of Fukushima that shows one of the most powerful breaks in Japan. There are various surf spots from the reef to the beach.

Niigata Surf Spots

Niigata / Pacific Ocean

Due to the long coastline terrain from north to south, it is often possible to surf without congestion. In Niigata, surfing is mainly in the fall and winter seasons.

Ibaraki Surf Spots

Ibaraki / Pacific Ocean

The sea in Ibaraki is beautiful and the waves are powerful. Despite being close to Tokyo, you can enjoy surfing while avoiding congestion.

Chiba Surf Spots

Chiba / Pacific Ocean

Needless to say, Chiba is a major surf area that leads the modern surf scene in Japan. Both the level of surfers and the wave quality are extremely high.

Kanagawa Surf Spots

Kanagawa Shonan / Pacific Ocean

The birthplace of Japanese surf culture. When a strong south swell arrives, it shows one of the highest quality and beautiful breaks in Japan.

Sizuoka Surf Spots

Shizuoka / Pacific Ocean

Shizuoka (including Izu), a vast area facing the Pacific Ocean, allows you to select surf spots according to the swell, wind direction, and surfing level.

Western Japan Surfing Spots

Aichi Surf Spots

Aichi / Pacific Ocean

The Irago area of the open sea has good waves breaking all year round, capturing the surfing needs of surfers in the Chubu region.

Mie/Wakayama Surf Spots

Mie Wakayama / Pacific Ocean

The vast Kii Peninsula directly catches the swell of the Pacific Ocean.There are countless secret surf spots in Mie and Wakayama.

Tokushima Surf Spots

Tokushima / Pacific Ocean

An area with a long history of surfing and a large surfer population. It has a world-famous river mouse spots.

Kochi Surf Spots

Kochi / Pacific Ocean

A big surf area that represents Japan as well as Shikoku. Everyone is fascinated by the high quality waves and scenery.

Ehime Surf Spots

Ehime / Pacific Ocean

When a strong south swell enters, surfing becomes possible on the south side of the Sadamisaki Peninsula.

Oita Surf Spots

Oita / Pacific Ocean

On the peninsulas and bays in southern Oita, you can sensitively catch strong south swells and enjoy surfing free from congestion.

Miyazaki Surf Spots

Miyazaki / Pacific Ocean

Miyazaki is very famous as one of Japan's leading surf areas. Many migrants are popular with surfers of all levels.

Kagoshima Surf Spots

Kagoshima / Pacific Ocean

Kagoshima is a hidden surfing powerhouse with a wide range of choices to catch the swells of the Pacific Ocean and the East China Sea from the terrain facing east, west and south.

Kumamoto Surf Spots

Kumamoto / East China Sea

Catch and break the west swell from the East China Sea. Surfing centered on the fall / winter season.

Nagasaki Surf Spots

Nagasaki / East China Sea

Good surf spots are scattered on remote islands and peninsulas. You can enjoy Good Wave without any congestion.

Saga Surf Spots

Saga / East China Sea

Mainly surfing due to the typhoon season in summer and the westerly wind in winter. In Saga, you can surf while avoiding congestion.

Fukuoka Surf Spots

Fukuoka / Japan Sea

A popular area with many surf spots that are easily accessible from central Fukuoka.

Japan Sea Surfing Spots

Yamaguchi Surf Spots

Yamaguchi / Japan Sea

A rich lineup from warm and beautiful seas, beaches to reef breaks. It is attracting attention as a promising surf trip destination in the future.

Shimane Surf Spots

Shimane / Japan Sea

An area suitable for surfing that is sensitive to swells from the southwest to the northeast. You can select the surf spot according to the wind direction.

Tottori Surf Spots

Tottori / Japan Sea

It will be a good wave in the fall / winter season. Good water quality and high seawater temperature are also the attractions of Tottori surf.

Hyogo / Kyoto Surf Spots

Hyogo Kyoto / Japan Sea

Good surf spots are scattered in the east and west coastline, centering on the Kyotango area, which leads the Kansai surf scene in the fall and winter.


Fukui / Japan Sea

There are many surf spots where you can surf while avoiding strong north swells and winds from the complicated coastline terrain.

Ishikawa Surf Spots

Ishikawa / Japan Sea

Ishikawa area is vulnerable to wind due to the flat coastline, but if the direction of the swell and offshore match, it will be a good wave.

Toyama Surf Spots

Toyama / Japan Sea

The west swell is blocked by the Noto Peninsula, so it's hard to hit the waves, but you can enjoy surfing without being crowded.


Okinawa Surf Spots

Okinawa / East China Sea

The Okinawa surf scene has become more and more exciting in recent years. Outstanding potential including unlisted secret surf spots.

Tanegashima Surf Spots

Tanegashima / Pacific Ocean

One of the most popular surf trip destinations in Japan. Wave quality that surely attracts surfers of all levels.

Amamiooshima Surf Spots

Amamiooshima Tokunoshima / Pacific Ocean

Amami Oshima is constantly popular as the best surf trip destination. It has variety of waves by all surf level.

Iriomotejima / Ishigakijima Surf Spots

Iriomotejima Ishigakijima / East China Sea

Ishigaki Island, Iriomote, has a strong image of a resort area, but you can surf all year round according to the swell and wind direction.

Yakushima Surf Spots

Yakushima / Pacific Ocean

Yakushima has a lot of nature as a World Heritage Site. In the surfing season of Yakushima, great waves reach during the typhoon season from summer to autumn, mainly in winter.

Ogasawara Surf Spots

Ogasawara Chichijima / Pacific Ocean

The Ogasawara Islands are said to be the last unexplored region in Japan. You can enjoy surfing in a subtropical tropical atmosphere.

Niijima Surf Spots

Niijima Shikinejima / Pacific Ocean

Niijima, Shikinejima, full of tropical mood. Its popularity is increasing year by year due to its good access from Tokyo.

Izuooshima Surf Spots

Izuooshima / Pacific Ocean

The beauty of the sea, the accessibility, and the quality of the waves make this a very well-known surf island.

Kouzushima Surf Spots

Kouzushima / Pacific Ocean

A little-known surf island with good access from Tokyo. Ideal for surf trip destinations including sightseeing.

Hachijyoujima Surf Spots

Hachijyoujima / Pacific Ocean

A surf island that is very popular. The quality of the waves is extremely high and it is ideal for intermediate and advanced surfers.

Risiritou Surf Spots

Rishiritou / Japan Sea

Rishiritou island is the northernmost surf island in Japan surrounded by the sea on all sides.

Taiwan Surf Spots


PR [Extra edition] Introducing surfing spots in northern and southeastern Taiwan, which are extremely accessible from Japan.