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Eastern Kyushu Surf Spots

43 Selections of Surfing Spots in Eastern Kyushu

Eastern Kyushu Surf Spots

Introducing all the surf spots in Oita Miyazaki Kagoshima.

A surf trip to the Pacific side of eastern Kyushu with a warm climate and abundant waves is an area that attracts many surfers. Miyazaki, a particularly popular surfing powerhouse, has one of Japan’s finest breaks.

In the peninsulas and bays in the southern part of Oita prefecture, you can catch the south swell sensitively and enjoy surfing free from congestion. Miyazaki is one of Japan’s leading surf areas. Sensitive to the widespread swells from the Pacific Ocean, many migrants have gained the support of surfers of all levels.
Kagoshima is a surfing powerhouse with a wide range of choices for winds and swells in the Pacific Ocean and the East China Sea from the varied coastline topography facing east, west, and south. An area where you can enjoy a wide range of surfers.

Oita Surf SpotsOita Surfing

Surfing in Oita is mainly from summer to autumn, which is limited to typhoon swells. You will basically aim for the south swell, but since the size reduction speed is faster than Miyazaki, you should always check the swell arrival forecast information.

Unless a strong cyclone approaches eastern Kyushu, the size suitable for surfing will not break.

Check the beach frequently to react not only to the south swell but also to the north and east swells.

Since it is located in the south of the Oita area, it is easy to catch the swell of the Pacific ocean.

Miyazaki Surf SpotsMiyazaki Surfing

Miyazaki Surfing has specs that allow you to surf all year round, but the best season is from early spring to early autumn.
It sensitively catches not only low pressure eastward movements and typhoon swells, but also high pressure blowouts. In the Nichinan area, there are many surf spots of Japan’s leading super reef break, and during the typhoon season, it is crowded with many surfers, mainly local experts.
In winter when the westerly wind is strong, there are many offshore surf spots and the size tends to be small. However, since you can expect warm water temperature and surfing that avoids congestion, many surfers come from all over Japan during this period.

Start a break with a typhoon swell.

Widely catch the swell from the east.

Goofy break that breaks from the rocky area on the far right in the south swell is good.

The wave quality is relatively mellow and easy, and the facilities are substantial and popular with beginners.

A sensitive classical surf spot that reacts quickly to the southern swell.

A boulder surf spot with a wide beach break on the Sennan coast.

Powerful swell is popular with local surfers.

It is a popular point for local surfers because it features thick waves that cannot be dug.

A beautiful coast that stretches for more than 1 KM around the Tomidahama beach.

The main area is on the left and right, avoiding the central tetra. You can surf in the fall and winter and typhoon season.

Beginners should refrain from current tides near the mouth of the Ishizaki River.

Nowadays, coastal erosion is progressing and the terrain is getting worse.

You can enjoy it from beginners with relatively easy waves.

Recommended spot for surfing beginners with good facilities and access.

You can enjoy empty wave, surfing in a large area.

A major surf spot that represents Miyazaki, where surfing competitions are often held.

Popular with longboarders because there are many thick wave breaks.

Can enjoy this area with Good Wave when Kisakihama starts to close out.

Normally there are no waves, but if the waves rise, beginners can enjoy it. The wave quality is mellow.

A spot that breaks with a strong swell. Be careful of accidents as there are many sea bathers.

An expert-only leaf spot that breaks with the outer leaf.

A wonderful beach that is shallow, compact and has nature.

Long rides are possible due to the break of the waves that are powerful for the beach.

Since the reefs are scattered, entry is not possible for intermediate and below who are not familiar with the terrain.

It is a surf spot that visitors should refrain from because it is a local point in Nichinan. The feature is a powerful hollow wave.

Like the Udo Shrine point, it reacts only to strong typhoon swells and usually has no waves.

A classical surf spot that reacts only to strong typhoon swells from the northeast to the southeast and usually has no waves.

The waves break constantly at the beach break. More powerful and hollow waves than Kizaki Beach.

Because of the estuary river mouse, you can enjoy powerful and fast waves depending on the terrain.

An easy beach break where small conditions stand out.

A surf point in a beautiful location located on the coast between Tsukishima and Kojima.

There are constant waves all year round, and the good water quality deserves special mention.

Regular and Goofy breaks that can run from the rocks on both sides are popular.

The Fukushima River flows in and the accumulated sand makes it possible to surf.

A compact beach near Fukushima-Takamatsu Station on the Nichinan Line.

A beautiful beach located to the west of the Nagahama coast.

Kagoshima Surf SpotsKagoshima Surfing

Surfing in Kagoshima on the Pacific side is centered on Shibushi Bay.
The best season is from spring to autumn, and low pressure and typhoon south-east swells will hit the coastline facing southeast.
If the south-east swell is too strong, move east through the bay and check out the beaches that normally don’t break, and you may be able to surf in a reasonable size.

Many surfers gather when the south swell enters and the offshore blows.

A spot that sensitively catches not only the south swell but also the east swell.

A spot that demonstrates its true value during the typhoon season.

A surf spot that is easy for visitors to enjoy because it is less crowded.

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