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Shikoku Surf Spots

40 Selections of surfing spots in Shikoku Island

Shikoku Island Surf Spots

Find your own favorite surfing point on a surf trip to Tokushima, Kochi and Ehime.
The coast of Shikoku faces the Pacific Ocean widely, and from Tokushima to Kochi, it is one of the largest surf islands in Japan. Ideal for surf trips such as the world-famous river mouth and beach breaks. It is easy to select surf spots according to the wind direction from moderate changes in the coastline and terrain.

Tokushima has a long history of surfing and has a large surfer population. It has a world-famous river mouse spot. In particular, the area around Ikumi from the southern part of Tokushima to the eastern part of Kochi is the most popular surf area in Shikoku where many professional contests are held.
Kochi is famous as a major surf area that represents Japan as well as Shikoku. Everyone is fascinated by the high quality waves and the overwhelmingly beautiful coastal scenery. In the western part of Ehime, when a strong typhoon south swells, it becomes possible to surf on the south side of the Sadamisaki Peninsula.

Tokushima Surf SpotsSurfing in Tokushima

Surfing in Tokushima is roughly divided into the northern area centered on Naruto and Tokushima City, and the classical southern spots such as Uchizuma.
In the northern area, it is a rule to aim for typhoon swells in the summer. In the southern area, you can sensitively catch the swell in the open ocean area and surf relatively constantly.
Let’s select a surf spot according to the strength of the swell and the direction of the wind.

The closest surf spot from the Kansai area. The point just in front of the Naruto Kita Interchange.

A major point in Naruto City. A beautiful beach overlooking Naruto Bridge and Awaji Island.

It is known for its relatively constant wave hits in the summer.

You can enjoy mellow surfing with good facilities.

It often breaks when there is a strong swell from the east to the southeast.

A point for advanced surfers who show their true value when a typhoon approaches.

A surf spot on the river mouth near Anan, Tokushima.

The south swell is not caught directly, but it breaks when a typhoon swell enters from the east.

Longboards can run long from outside. Paddles should be prepared for long distances.

A spot to check if Uchizuma is too big.

One of the most historic classical points in Shikoku. Sensitive to southern swells.

River Mouse Big Wave Point representing Japan as well as Shikoku.

It is not suitable for beginners because there are multiple tetrapods on the inside.

Kochi Surf SpotsSurfing in Kochi

Kochi Prefecture has one of Japan’s leading surfing spots where you can surf all year round. In the eastern part, it has the best major point Ikumi in Shikoku, and there are many spots of river mice that represent Japan such as Kaifu, Niyodo, and Mononobe River.
In the Nakamura area of Shimanto in western Kochi, you can enjoy the dynamic surfing of reefs and beach breaks in a wonderful location where nature remains strong. Kochi prefecture is the best area for surf trips.

A major surf spot that represents Shikoku where the waves rise constantly.

It reacts sensitively to swells. Since the easterly wind is onshore, it is weaker than Ikumi.

A local spot for a compact leaf break.

Two river sands flow in and you can surf.

Constantly catch the swell from the southwest.

The sand that accumulates at the mouth of the Nahari River makes it possible to surf.

A beach break spot near the east side of Haruno fishing port. Enjoy from beginners.

A river mouth point that breaks at the mouth of the Monobe River.

Since it is a spot facing west, it is difficult to catch the swell from the east, and it breaks with the swell from the south.

A popular local spot because it is not easily affected by changes in the bottom terrain.

A river mouse spot that represents Shikoku. The waves are constant due to the shallow bottom terrain.

Goofy break leaf point. The surf area capacity is also small.

A local point centered on regular breaks.

Can surf by avoiding strong west swells.

A very beautiful shallow beach break spot in Okitsu, Shimanto Town.

A popular spot where you can enjoy the waves with shoulders on both regular and goofy.

A powerful wave break spot that directly catches the south swell.

There are breaks here and there on the long beach that stretches for about 2km. Maybe you can enjoy private surfing.

A beach break with good facilities where you can expect constant waves all year round.

A surf spot to check if the surrounding area is big and the northeastern wind is too strong.

A small bay spot in Tosashimizu. It breaks sensitively with the south swell.

Spots that are so sensitive to swells that there are no days without waves.

The local level is also very high. Shikoku’s southernmost surf spot in a beautiful location.

A valuable spot that reduces strong swells and winds due to the terrain of the surrounding mountains and breakwaters.

Ehime Surf SpotsSurfing in Ehime

Surfing in Ehime is only in the summer on the Sadamisaki Peninsula, which is located in the westernmost part of Shikoku.
Let’s make a prediction that a strong south swell will arrive at the beaches scattered on the long and narrow peninsula of about 40 km, which is also called the Misaki Peninsula, and let’s surf plan.

Since it is located slightly southwest of Shionashi, it can be said that the swell reaction is good.

A wave breaks when a strong typhoon moves north along Kyushu from the south.

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