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Aichi Surf Spots

Aichi surf spot
The beach on the Atsumi Peninsula, which stretches from east to west, faces the Enshu Nada Sea, so it catches a wide range of swells. Depending on the sand bar, there are also surf spots where you can enjoy the hollow triangle waves. However, due to the influence of Enshu-nada, the current tide is strong and it can be said that the topography changes quickly.

The warm climate, delicious local cuisine, the Irago area with its wonderful scenery and historic towns, and the surfing trip to the Chita Peninsula are full of charm. It can be said that small conditions are conspicuous in winter due to the influence of the northwest wind, but it is an area that is showing excitement by incorporating the surfing needs of surfers in the central region throughout the year.

It’s a large beach and surfing here is not crowded, but there are a lot of locals.

There are a lot of waves with a slight shore break.

Due to the deep terrain inside, there are many waves that are difficult to break.

The bottom is sand and the wave quality is easy.

A surf spot where waves hit constantly, which is also recommended for beginners

Due to its flat location, it is easily affected by the wind, but it is also a spot that beginners can enjoy.

The wave quality is relatively mellow and can be enjoyed by beginners to advanced surfers.

A spot where the sand bar changes drastically due to the strong influence of the tide.

The wave quality is hollow and powerful break.

A beach break point that is OK from beginners.

One of the best major surf spots on the Atsumi Peninsula, which represents the Irago area.

Due to the breakwater, it is a surf spot that is easy to dodge the strong southwestern thermal wind in the summer.

Thick wave breaks continue along the embankment, and can enjoy the massy waves.

The terrain at the bottom is stable and it is a popular point with constant waves.

With stable terrain, you can surf constantly. There are many massy breaks.

Surfing for low tide, with strong swells and hollow waves.

The wave quality is hollow and the bottom is sand leaf.

It is popular because it is well equipped and the wave quality is mellow and easy to ride.

If the entire Irago area is closed, the reef break here will show its true potential.

There is a possibility that you can surf at the Irago area close.

A typhoon swells in and the waves start to break.

A point that demonstrates its true value in typhoon swells.

In summer, the surf area and swimming pool are divided into two. There are many short boards.

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