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Mie Wakayama Surf Spots

27 Selection of surfing spots in Mie Wakayama

Kii Peninsula with many undeveloped surf spots

Mie Wakayama Surf spots

Introducing surf spots in Mie Ise and Kii Peninsula Wakayama.
Find your own favorite surfing point on a surf trip.

Surfing in Ise, Kumano, Nachikatsuura, and Wakayama is an image of an unexplored region with many spots that have not yet been cultivated.
In the Nanki area, it responds to southwest-south swells, and in the Nachikatsuura area, it responds to east-southeast swells. These areas basically have many reef breaks and are waves for advanced players. Since the area has a strong local color, beginners should gather information and thoroughly enjoy the vast Kii Peninsula area on a surf trip.

The vast Kii Peninsula directly catches the swell of the Pacific Ocean. It is said that there are still many secret points left. However, there are many secret points that the locals usually cherish, so when you make a trip, be sure to give consideration to the surroundings, such as thorough surfing rules and manners, and greetings to the locals.

One of the best major spots in the Ise area. The wave quality is thick and powerless for beginners.

The wave quality is the same as the Kounohama main one, mainly thick.

Wave quality for beginners, mainly waves that react to eastern swells but have no power.

Mainly thick, powerless waves. Pay close attention to the rocks inside.

Full parking facilities. One size waves are often smaller than the surrounding spots.

The bottom terrain is deeper than the beach of Kounohama, and if the size goes up, you can expect powerful waves.

A beautiful beach that is usually highly transparent. An area that is difficult without a strong south swell.

Known as Jan Point. Beginners should avoid it because the terrain is deep and the shore break is tough.

Big wave spot for advanced surfers. Due to the deep terrain, it will not break unless there is a strong south swell.

A spot where the break changes depending on how the sand is attached at the beach break.

Surf at low tide when there is a strong southeastern swell.

Wakayama Surfing Spots

The terrain changes easily, but the wave quality can be enjoyed by beginners.

One-peak outer leaf break for advanced surfers.

Leaf and boulder points for advanced surfers, commonly known as Gorogoro.

It breaks when a typhoon approaches or due to a westerly wind due to the pressure distribution of high west and low east in autumn and winter.

Break in the southeastern swell. A long wall is formed near the river mouth depending on the bottom condition.

Known as Suika point. Classical leaf spot for advanced surfers.

High quality goofy waves break, but there are few parking lots and it is a difficult spot for visitors.

The left and right areas are the main areas, avoiding the central Tetrapods. Can surf in the fall / winter / typhoon season.

The width of the beach is narrow and backwash is included, but if the terrain is formed, tube ridings are also available.

There are many waves that can be used for long rides, and when the waves rise, it gets quite crowded, including locals.

One of the best major spots in the Kansai area. There are many weak break conditions due to the characteristics of the inland sea.

A spot located on the west side of the Isonoura spot. When swells hit, it breaks along the breakwater.

A spot where you can finally surf when Isonoura is greatly increased in size.

Goofy only spot on the reef for advanced surfers.

There are many damper breaks on the bottom with a mixture of leaf and sand.

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