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Ichigohama (Ise, Mie Region) Surfing Info and Details

This surf spot, also known as Secret, is located to the south of Kounohama.

The bottom terrain is deeper than Kounohama, so you can expect powerful waves when it gets bigger, but usually the waves are more like shorebreaks, but the facilities managed by the fishermen’s cooperative are excellent and it is popular among surfers. It catches a wide range of swell from south to northeast and is not easily affected by the wind due to the surrounding mountains.

Even if the offshore winds are too strong at Kokufu Beach, the topography of Ichigo Beach can block the offshore winds, so be sure to check it out.

The access road to Ichigo Beach is narrow and the local people live on the road, so visitors surfers need to pay attention to the manners and rules of the road.

Ichigohama Surf Spot Map

Agocho Shima City, Mie Prefecture

Ichigohama Surf Spot Details

Difficulty : Beginners

Best Wave Size : 2ft

Offshore Winds :

Type of Wave : Beach Break

Best Season :
From spring to autumn

???? Parking Info : Parking, Toilet, Shower

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