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Niijima Surf Spots

12 Selections of Surfing Spots in Niijima Shikinejima

A surf island with a tropical mood near Tokyo

Niijima Shikinejima Surfing

Its popularity is increasing year by year due to its good access from Tokyo. The main east coast is covered with sand due to the westerly wind in winter, and the bottom terrain is formed around April to May every spring, and the best waves that attracted ASP surfers will break.
There aren’t many opportunities to surf on the west coast, but you can enjoy fun waves during strong west-south typhoon swells that close the east.
It may be a good break due to the westerly wind in winter. For surf trips on Niijima, actively communicate with the locals, and when traveling on the island, secure a car at a guest house.

A spot that can be enjoyed by beginners. It’s free and perfect for practice.

Surf with mellow size and wave quality.

The main reef break is Goofy, which reduces the northeasterly wind.

A locally popular point with a slightly massy break. The bottom is a boulder.

A beautiful and powerful beach break that represents Japan as well as Niijima.

A locally popular surf point in the shape of a cove.

Massy breaks are the main, and beginners can also enjoy it.

There are usually many weak waves, and even if the size goes up, it is easy to go down immediately.

If it matches the size and orientation of the typhoon swell, it will show a powerful break.

A little-known point where you can avoid the wind because it faces the cliff near the Niijima airport.

Common name: Missile bottom point. The bottom terrain begins to be formed after February, and it is most organized around April to May.

Shikinejima Surfing

A rock point that breaks beside the breakwater.

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