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Hokkaido Surf Spots

34 selections of surfing spots in Hokkaido

Hokkaido Island

Hokkaido is the most undeveloped surf island in Japan. It is said that there are countless high quality waves that no one has seen yet.

From autumn to winter, the main spot is on the Sea of Japan side in the direction of Otaru, which is close to Sapporo.
From spring to autumn, check out the surf spots on the Pacific side of Hakodate, Muroran, and Tomakomai. Especially for those who are new to surf trips in Hokkaido, we recommend summer to autumn when the water temperature is relatively high.
High-quality waves are constantly breaking in the Tokachi area such as Meguro and Hiroo.
Innumerable waves are breaking from Kushiro to Nemuro, but there are few signs of surfers and it is possible to surf while avoiding congestion.
Abashiri and Wakkanai can also surf only in the summer, and the Okhotsk area and the four northern islands are expected to be areas where surfing will be cultivated in the future.

Sea of Okhotsk area

 The area in front of the Abashiri seafood market is a surfing spot. The best season is from summer to autumn.

Eastern Hokkaido area

 It’s a good season to reach the summer when the south swells enter. You can surf here while avoiding crowds.

 The formation of a sand bar can be expected due to the inflow of the Charo River.

Hidaka / Tokachi area

The best season is from May to October, when the south swell is easy to enter. Countless Good Waves are breaking every day on the west coastline from Cape Erimo.

 Hiroo directly catches the eastern swell from the Pacific Ocean and breaks here and there.

 Meguro is a popular surf spot around the Hidaka area.

 Beach break surf spot that sensitively catches the swells from the south to the east.

 More sensitive to swells than the Tomakomai area, and can expect a powerful wave break almost all year round.

Central Hokkaido area

As the melt water flows in from early spring to summer, the current of the tide tends to be strong. Therefore, beginners need to be especially careful.

 The best major point in Hokkaido that even beginners can enjoy.

 A spot that relatively avoids the wind from the southeast due to the small hills.

 Shiraoi depends on the sand bar, but the south swell makes it a more powerful break.

 A major and surfing classic spot that represents the Muroran area. Itanki beach has a good reputation for its facilities.

 When the swell from the southeast enters, the waves become good due to the influence of Utsumi Bay.

Southern Hokkaido area

Surf spots are scattered on the Kameda Peninsula between the Tsugaru Straits and the Pacific Ocean. Here you can enjoy a wide variety of waves from the beach to the estuary and reef. Even in the middle of summer, a wet suit is essential and the water temperature is low, but it is not crowded and you can enjoy surfing. Check out this area when a strong cyclone passes over the East Sea.

 A point that is sensitive to eastern swells and has relatively constant waves.

 Be careful when entering the sea, as coral reefs are scattered inside.

 Sensitive to swells from the southeast, it is often one size larger than the surrounding surf spots.

 Goofy Break, a mixture of reefs and boulders, allows you to ride long distances.

 It’s a beach break yet popular for its powerful waves.

 Although it is a beach break, it is a powerful wave and can be enjoyed even by intermediate and above.

 There are relatively constant waves on the shallow beach. A spot that is easy for beginners to enter.

 A surf spot that you should check when the surroundings spots are closing.

 Check out Big Day as it’s usually a small wave spot.

 A reef break centered on regulars.

Sea of Japan area

Similar to the Sea of Japan side of the Honshu area, the pressure distribution of west high and east low is determined, and waves are likely to break when a typhoon or strong low pressure approaches. It can be said that the season from October to April is a particular aim.
In the extremely cold season from January to March, there are many days when you cannot enter the sea due to heavy snow and strong winds, but once the waves rise and the winds meet, the quality of the waves is extremely high. It may be possible to surf even with a big wave over 6ft.

 This spot shows its true value when the surrounding area becomes big.

 Easy beach break that can be surfed from beginners.

 One of the main surf spot of Yoichi. Expectations for the waves are low.

 The wave quality is relatively easy and even beginners can enjoy it.

 Advanced surfer-only reef break. A spot where there are usually no waves.

 It is a major surf spot in Sapporo, Otaru, and Ishikari because it is easily accessible from urban areas.

 A beach break that spreads over the vast Ohama coast. Known as Otaru Dream Beach

A vast beach area on the north side of Ishikari Bay New Port that sensitively catches swells from west to northwest.

A surf spot on the beach in northern Ishikari that sensitively catches the west swell.

A reef break surf spot located along Route 231 and easy to check for the waves.

A surf spot with a mixture of sand and reef that spreads near the fishing port in northern Ishikari.

One of the main spots in Rumoi City.

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