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Shizuoka, Izu Surf Spots

41 selections of surfing spots in Shizuoka, Izu

Sizuoka, Izu Surf Spots

Introducing all the surf spots in Shizuoka.
Find your own favorite surfing point on a surf trip to Shizuoka.

Shizuoka Prefecture, a vast area facing the Pacific Ocean, allows you to select surf spots according to the level of swell and wind direction.
Let’s enjoy the surf trip unique to Shizuoka by grasping the characteristics of each area such as Izu, Shizunami / Omaezaki, Enshu Nada. The Izu area has many spots in the intricate coastline and compact bay, making it easy to select points according to the direction of the swell and the direction of the wind. In the Shizunami and Sagara area facing Suruga Bay, easy beach breaks are the main focus.
There is also one of the best river mouth spots in the Tokai region in Shizuoka city. In the Omaezaki area, you can choose from abundant waves such as reef, sand, and estuary.
In the Iwata / Hamamatsu area, sandbars are likely to be formed by the southerly wind from early spring.

Mainly easy breaks that are OK from beginners.

Kawana, which catches swells from the north to the east, usually has no waves.

If the direction of the swell is correct, waves that can be used for long rides may occur along the breakwater.

A shallow beach break that even beginners can enjoy.

Specs that usually break small waves inside.

The reef area is widely scattered, and the points break constantly.

Due to the light weight and easy movement of sand, the bottom of the sea changes drastically.

A point that represents Izu. There are many small waves, but if the size goes up, you can expect a high quality wave break.

A popular surf point that is the most popular in the Kisami area and produces many professional surfers. Great waves.

There is a big leaf in the center, so be careful, but even beginners can enjoy the wave break.

It becomes a powerful wave because it catches the wind from the west of the low pressure moving east and the winter type pressure.

The bottom changes easily, but the wave quality can be enjoyed by beginners.

The beautiful bow-shaped bay landscape is a must-see.

Respond to the swells from east to southeast and shows a powerful break peculiar to boulders.

The best major spot in Western Izu. It does not break in small conditions.

Facilities are also substantial. Break with a strong southwestern swell.

Respond to the south-southeast swells. The typhoon season from spring to autumn is good.

A surf spot located further north than Shizunami, so it is hard to catch the swells.

Both regular and goofy waves are good.

More sensitive to swell than the surf spot on the north side. Waves also break even in weak swells from the southeast.

The surf chance of this spot is when the surrounding surf spots are closed.

Sandbars are easily formed around the tetrapod and are sensitive to swells.

Many small conditions throughout the year, but there are many days when you can surf.

A reef break spot with the best south swell.

A famous surf spot that quickly reacts to the south swell caused by typhoons.

Even if there are many surfers, you can surf on a charter if you move west.

Since there are many thick waves, it is OK from beginners.

It features a thick break and can be enjoyed even by beginners.

A beach break that can be enjoyed by beginners, but the sand bar is easy to move.

Easy break and even beginners can enjoy it, but be careful when the size of the waves increases.

Be careful because it is characterized by a relatively powerful wave break and the tide is strong.

The terrain is variable, but the wave quality is compact and easy to surf.

Morning and evening surfing is recommended as it is often windy.

It’s a fun wave, but be careful because there are many wind surfers.

Hard to be affected by the westerly wind due to the breakwater. The terrain is also stable.

The wave quality is relatively easy and can withstand overhead size.

Relatively mellow wave quality and can be enjoyed by beginners.

The wave quality is easy and can be enjoyed by beginners.

There are waves that can surf all year round.

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