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Okinawa Surf Spots

16 Selections of Surfing Spot in Okinawa

Coral island where you can surf all year round

Okinawa Surf Spots

Introducing all the surf spots in Okinawa.

Okinawa is an island surrounded by coral reefs on all sides, so you can always break at some spot and enjoy the perfect waves as long as the swell and wind conditions are met.
The Okinawa surf scene has been particularly exciting in recent years. The potential is top class among Japanese surf spots, including unlisted secret spots.

Mainly the west coast (East China Sea side) is the monsoon season from October to April, and the east coast (Pacific side) is the main typhoon season from April to October. Most of them are point breaks on the reef, so check the tide carefully, surf before and after high tide, be sure to bring reef boots, and secure a surf guide locally. Avoid surfing at your own discretion.
The reason is that it is necessary to take sufficient measures against the hubs that are common in the north and the Tentacruel that appears frequently in the beginning of autumn, so be sure to visit a local surf shop or arrange an online guide in advance.

A point that represents Okinawa. Its great wave.

North swell is required, and Goofy break is the main.

Known as: Bowls. Constant waves and hollow wave quality are popular.

A spot to enter from the breakwater at high tide. The bottom is a leaf.

Known as: Corner. One of the representative spots in Okinawa that is very crowded when the waves rise.

Known as: Hawaiian & California, one size larger than other spots on the Sunabe. Be careful because it is very shallow.

The tubby waves dug from the peak are expert only.

Known as: Turtle, shallow reef break is advanced surfer only.

A huge bridge was built and the condition changed drastically. Only for advanced surfers.

Fully equipped. The hollow wave quality is popular with intermediate and advanced surfers.

Regular breaks along the Ada fishing port embankment.

Known as: Kochan. The northernmost surf spot on the main island of Okinawa. Can surf constantly, especially in winter.

A point in the bay on the east coast of Okinawa. Surfing is OK even at low tide.

Points for intermediate surfers. The break is powerful.

The point where it starts to break as the typhoon approaches.

Due to peripheral development, the waves are not as strong as before.

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