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Western Japan Sea Surf Spots

49 Selections of Surfing Spots in Western Japan Sea(Sanin)

Sanin Shimane Surf Spots

West Japan Sea, Sanin surf spot.
Find your own favorite surfing spot on a surf trip to Yamaguchi, Shimane and Tottori. The West Japan Sea has many beautiful seas, and there are many waves with a wide variety due to the long coastline extending from east to west. An area where surfers of a wide range of levels can enjoy, from beginners to advanced surfers, with a focus on surfing from the beginning of autumn to winter, with a high east and low pressure distribution in the fall and winter.

Yamaguchi is a promising surf trip destination with a rich lineup from the warm and beautiful sea, beaches to reef breaks. Shimane is an area suitable for surfing that sensitively catches a wide range of swells. There are many places to avoid the wind due to changes in the coastline.
Tottori breaks in the autumn-winter west high east low pressure distribution. Good water quality and high seawater temperature are also the attractions of Tottori surf.

Yamaguchi Surf SpotsYamaguchi Surfing

Located at the westernmost tip of the Sea of Japan area, it is an area where you can enjoy comfortable surfing with high seawater temperature due to the influence of the Tsushima Current. The surf spot is also an area suitable for surf trips where you can enjoy beach breaks, reefs, estuaries and a variety of waves.
From autumn to winter, there is a higher probability of getting waves than in other areas of the Sea of Japan. The area is also attractive for its highly transparent sea and intricate coastlines.

The westernmost reef break point in Yamaguchi.

A beautiful beach break point that responds well to the westerly wind.

A very beautiful island beach where the number of tourists has increased rapidly in recent years.

The west swell is blocked by Tsunoshima, but can catch the swell toward the north.

There is nothing to block, and it catches the northwestern swell widely.

The point is the eastern coast around Yuya, Nagato City.

You can surf by avoiding the intense west swell.

A beach break point that is relatively easy to hit the waves.

A beautiful fishing port point that is sensitive to the northern swell.

A beautiful beach point with well-equipped facilities.

A surf spot that can reduce strong northwest swells.

A beach famous for its singing sand. It reacts sensitively to the northwest wind.

The main point that represents the Yamaguchi area. Waves can be expected constantly.

Shimane Surf SpotsShimane Surfing

Shimane surfing is a typical area where waves rise due to the northwest monsoon in winter. As you head west from the Shimane Peninsula, the coastline touches northwest and most of the points are beach breaks, so it is easy to close in strong north winds. An area where you want to be sure to aim for the timing when the wind loosens and the wind direction changes.
As a condition for catching waves in good condition, the best condition is likely to be obtained when the low pressure developed on the west side of Hokkaido is stagnant, the isobars spread near the Sanin region, and the wind is weakening.

Since it is the main point of Masuda local, visitors give priority to locals.

Masuda local point on a compact beach.

A local main point that represents the area around Hamada City. Very sensitive to swell.

The long coastline is easily affected by the wind, but it is less crowded.

The fishing port and structures make it easy to avoid the northeasterly wind, and it is easy to get crowded when the conditions are good.

Bringing boots is better because of the reef rocks.

There are few locals and you might enjoy private surfing.

A local spot where you can expect waves that form a long wall.

Due to the deep terrain, it tends to be difficult to break.

A beach point with good access from the parking lot.

Local main point in western Shimane.

Shallow beach break and beginner is OK.

Tottori Surf SpotsTottori Surfing

An area dotted with numerous surf spots along the east-west coastline. Like other Sea of Japan areas, it focuses on surfing in winter. In the eastern area of Tottori, there are major points such as white rabbits and Kozomi, and it is an area that is easily accessible to surfers from the Kansai area.
In western Tottori, there are also points for advanced players such as estuaries and boulder reef breaks, making it an area where surfers of a wide range of levels can enjoy.

The bay-shaped surf point tends to be crowded in the summer and weekends.

A compact surf spot where waves are easily broken. There are also many long borders.

Known as: Burley, a popular point in this area.

 Can surf around the inflow of the Nawa River.

A beautiful beach with a tetrapod.

A powerful break can be expected if the north swell enters.

A point for intermediate surfers with tight boulders on the shore break.

The parking lot is small, so should check other points when it is crowded.

You can enjoy empty surf.

Commonly known as BOKURA. Due to the flat terrain from east to west, it reacts sensitively to all swells.

An easy beach break that beginners can enjoy.

A compact beach managed by the locals.

A point that sensitively catches a wide range of swells.

Small waves tend to be tall, but if the size of the waves increases, can expect waves with tight shoulders.

The wave quality is often barrely or damper.

Long rides are possible in front of the surf spot if the terrain is formed.

A shallow beach surf point that reacts sensitively to the north swell even if the others are flat.

One of the leading major points in Tottori prefecture. Break is likely to change due to the sand bar.

The most accessible beach from Tottori station. A spot with good facilities, access, and water quality.

Sand bars are formed here and there thanks to the abundant sand of the Tottori Sand Dunes.

A wide and shallow beach break that can be enjoyed by beginners.

It is difficult to expect waves unless there is a strong swell.

Even if the northwest swell is strong, Haneo will avoid the swell to some extent.

Longboarders gather in many cases where the waves are constantly breaking.

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