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Isonoura (Wakayama Region) Surfing Info and Details

One of the major surfing spots in the Kansai area.

Due to the characteristics of the inland sea, it often has weak break conditions, so expect swell from low pressure and typhoons, but the access and facilities make it a popular spot that inevitably gets crowded.

If waves go to the east side, the surf is mellow with goofy breaks. South swell is best there, but Uchizuma in Shikoku is a good reference for predicting the arrival of waves. Uchizuma in Shikoku is a good reference for predicting the arrival of waves.

Another condition for swell to enter Isonoura Point is tide turn. This area is geographically influenced by the tides of the Kii Channel, and swell tends to come in during the rising tide when the tide turns toward the full moon, and at the beginning of the ebb when the tide turns toward the new moon.
The tide is more pronounced at high tide, so use the tide graph to get a good swell before the other surfers do.

Isonoura Surf Spot Map

Isonoura, Wakayama City

Isonoura Surf Spot Details

Difficulty : Beginner

Best Wave Size : 2ft

Offshore Winds :

Type of Wave : Beach break

Best Season :
From summer to autumn

???? Parking Info : Parking lot, Toilet

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