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Top Sante (Hokota, Ibaraki Region) Surfing Info and Details


It is very sensitive to swell, and it is a great beach break where waves can be expected consistently all year round. It is a popular surfing spot where waves around waist size can be expected all year round.

A-frame waves tend to form on both sides of the headland, making it ideal for beginners and intermediate surfers to practice. There are also several sand bars around the area, so check them out.

The surf is weak against northeasterly winds and tends to close at overhead sizes, so be careful. Visitors are encouraged to participate in the local beach clean-up days held mainly on Sundays to help maintain the beautiful ocean environment.

Top Sante Surf Spot Map

Kaminohatagi, Hokota-shi, Ibaraki

Top Sante Surf Spot Details

Difficulty : Beginner
Best Wave Size : 2ft~
Offshore Winds :
Type of Wave : Beach break
Best Season : From spring to autumn
Parking Info : Parking lot

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