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Eguchihama (Satsuma Peninsula, Southern Kagoshima Region) Surfing Info and Details

This is a major surfing point for beginners that represents the west side of the Satsuma Peninsula.

It consistently catches the swell from East China Sea and breaks all year round. The terrain is getting deeper as the coast erodes, so surfing near the low tide is recommended.
The terrain around the tetra on the north side of the beach is stable and breaks consistently all year round. However, when the size increases, there is a current towards the tetra pod, so beginners should be careful. Also, be careful of the exposed rocks on the inside.

If the northwest to west onshore is a concern at Eguchi Beach, check out nearby Terujima spot.
There are many locals in the area, so visitors should be careful about trash and parking etiquette. The newly constructed parking lot with shower facilities is also a good place to start.

On the third Sunday of every month, a beach cleanup is held. Visitors are encouraged to participate.

Eguchihama Surf Spot Map

Isakuda, Higashiichirai-cho, Kagoshima

Eguchihama Surf Spot Details

???? Difficulty : Beginners

???? Best Wave Size : 2ft~

???? Offshore Winds :

Type of Wave : Beach break

???? Best Season :
From spring to autumn

???? Parking Info : Parking lot, Toilet

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